Base Pricing: 
Buttercream cakes starts at $6 per serving.

Fondant cakes starts at $7 per serving.

Sculpted cakes start at $8 per serving.

Custom Cakes start at $150. Serving minimum for custom cakes is 24 servings. 
Sculpted Cakes start at $275. Serving minimum for sculpted cakes is 35 servings.
Wedding Cakes start at $300. Serving minimum for wedding cakes is 50 servings.

Use our free illustrated cake guide to view tiered cake sizes and servings.

What details do you need know to design a cake for me?
We are extremely creative and the more input we receive the better. A few questions we generally ask are: What is the date of your event? *Where is it located? *Is the event indoors or outside? *How many guests are attending? How many guests will you serve cake to? *Will the cake be cut into kid sized portions only? *Is the cake your main dessert, or is it a part of a dessert table? *Do you have any ideas/pictures? *Is there a specific theme or color for the event? *Is there anything you do not want on the cake?

I already have a picture of a cake I like. Can you copy it?
We gladly can take inspiration from any photograph but we will not infringe on the work of others. We can however design a cake for you that can fully capture all the major elements and subtle accents from the original design to re-create a unique version of the cake that originally inspired you. 

Do you deliver? Can I pick up my cake?
We do offer delivery and set up service within Miami Florida. Clients are always welcome to pick up their orders. If you are picking up your cake, please be aware that multiple tier cakes are difficult to transport. It is recommended to have your cake delivered due to the challenges that come along with transporting tiered cakes. We are not responsible for any damages once you leave the shop. 

How can I receive a free quote or ask a specific question?

Use the form located on our contact us page by clicking here. 

Kids Cakes

How do I place an order?
You may begin the ordering process via telephone or online using our contact us form. Simply send us a message with your requirements or ideas and we will then confirm availability and provide you with a free quote. For weddings or dessert tables we require that you make an appointment for a consultation. 

Is there a fee for consultations/appointments?

Yes all consultations are secured with a $30 deposit via credit card. Do not worry, this deposit is returned to you upon arrival and you are never under any obligation to place an order. We charge this fee to eliminate the abuse of excessive online booking and to keep our date reservation system fair and accessible for all clients.  

How do I know what size cake to order?
The number of guests you intend to serve will ultimately help you decide on the size cake needed. Important factors to consider include: Whether there will be other desserts served or will you be keeping the top tier of your cake? Please use our illustrated cake chart above to help you with sizing your cake appropriately. 

How can I save money when ordering a custom design?

Substitute a few cake tiers with our flawless faux tiers! We dare you to determine the difference! Cut costs and skip the hassle of cutting lots of cake by adding a few cupcakes to your order. Cupcakes are the perfect serving size and are a great gift to give to your guests to thank them for attending your event.

Do you make explicit designs?
No we do not create any items with nudity, profanity or violence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Cakes Pricing

Our cakes are best defined as Edible Art. Each creation requires a lot of time, skill and patience. For this reason we do have order minimums. Our base prices includes a small to moderate amount of decorations which will vary depending upon the unique design chosen. Other factors that influence your final cake cost are serving size, cake flavors/fillings, inner/outer support structures, cake jewelry, edible/non-edible embellishments, toppers and custom design fees for the overall complexity of the actual cake design.

Custom Cakes 

Celebration Cakes

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