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You not only create cakes, you create dreams...good job


Nothing else compares! Hands downs the best of everything!


Thanks. Everything was perfect.


You Made My Baby Shanyah's Sweet 16 Epic. Thank U from the bottom of my heart.


No one could have done it better. Amazing!


Her apples are so good and so perfect. I had my apple for almost a week after the baby shower and it was still in the little box fresh and good! It was not to sweet and it tasted kind of buttery! I will be using her for my party next year.

Ok....Where do I begin..Every sweet and tart fork full keeps me coming back for the Key lime Cake. I can't even find a Key lime pie I like anymore...Then I had the Red Velvet Cake and believe me it's truly like no other, now there is no artificial favor in this yummy sensation. It's moist but not wet and it is hands down the best Red Velvet I have ever tasted. The icing and the nuts on the outside have the perfect flavor combination. I'm in love.

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I would like to start by saying you are a special person who goes above and beyond with customer service. I pre booked online 4/29/2015 for my birthday party that was for 5/2/2015. I currently live in SC and my party was in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I explained this to Carlee's and she actually told me she was booked. Then they were so nice trying to work something out for me so, I offered to pick up the cupcakes and take their recommendations. The cupcakes Hennessy and Ciroc n Cranberry were a hit, that I end up giving out all Carlee's flyers to on lookers. The best cupcakes I ever had. That I booked them for next year for my 40th birthday bash party weekend in Ft Lauderdale Beach. Thank you for being the great person you are." 

I had an opportunity not only see your work but taste it at my niece baby shower. I was truly impressed by the work that was done. Even if something look good does not mean it is good, but I found that very untrue with your work. Awesome job!! I'm looking forward to share your creation at my daughter's baby shower coming soon.

Excellent service! My daughters Tiffany and Co. Baby shower theme was amazingly beautiful!! Everything was delicious, and her guest loved everything. You definitely made our vision come true! Thanks again, and see you in about 8 months so we can start planning baby Londyn's 1st Birthday.

Lord these apples are gorgeous!

Give us the chance to impress you!

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I was lucky enough to find an open date due to a change in the schedule after trying for weeks to locate someone to create a cake. Not only did you take my thoughts and elevate them but you made my DJ cake play music and have a light show as if we were in a club setting. You customized my cupcakes as well and I will forever be grateful and thankful that you were able to design for me. Thank you so much for taking my thought to another level without any input from me."

Today is our second wedding anniversary and I defrosted a piece of our wedding cake. It makes absolutely no sense that our cake still tastes amazing. You are truly a blessed and anointed baker!


We always call Carlee's for all our events! She exudes the meaning of perfection. Every thing is always perfect every single time. I don't how she does it and she is the best at every thing she does. Very kind, sweet and professional. Danny says he is in love with the chocolate cupcake and that it is his new favorite one now. Although he says that every time he tries a new one. I have enjoyed all the flavors we have had over the last two years! Keep up the great work.

This dessert table was one of my favorites, your presentation was outstanding, by far the best that I have seen.